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PCD1 Series controllers

PCD1 programmable controller

PCD1.Mxx5 ranges are supported by SAIA as a repair service until 2018 and they will also provide support on the complete range but no sales of these PLC's. Some spares and replacement processors are still available either directly from MACOL or from another source that we may be able to help you locate.

For customers wishing to update to a modern controller we are able to reverse engineer undocumented software and re-write it for the replacement system. This is often the most cost-effective solution offering like-for-like functionality with minimum downtime.

The manual for the PCD1 and PCD2 series is available for download as a ZIP file here.


The PCD1 series can be fitted with up to four input/output modules providing a total of 64 digital I/O.

Memory: versions M110 / M120 / M130

Firmware on a socketed PROM (from 1st half of 2004 these were replaced with soldered connections. Basic RAM 17Kb expandable up to 128Kb with RAM, EPROM or 112Kb with flash EPROM.

Memory: versions M125 / M135

Firmware on soldered flash memory modules. Basic RAM 128Kb expandable 128 - 512Kb RAM, 128Kb EPROM, 112 - 448Kb flash EPROM.

Data protection:

Version M110 30 days with Super Cap

Version M120 7 days with Super Cap

Version M130 1 to 3 years with CR2032 lithium battery

Version M125 7 days with Super Cap

Version M135 1 to 3 years with CR2032 lithium battery

The PCD1 can be snapped onto two 35 mm top-hat rails according to DIN EN60715TH35 (formerly DIN EN50022). The PCD1 can also be screwed to any other flat surface with 4 M4 screws; the grooves provided for this purpose can be accessed by lifting off the snap-on cover.