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MACOL Systems

Macol Systems has over four decades experience in designing, building, installing and maintaining industrial control systems across a wide range of manufacturing and heavy industry.

SAIA Burgess support

We are the UK's sole provider of support for legacy control system made by SAIA (SAIA Burgess) - PCA0, PCA1, PCA2, PCD1, PCD2, PCD4 and PCD6 -  and can advise on software modifications, upgrades and spare parts.

Spares and upgrades

Although replacement parts for older SAIA systems are hard to find, we do carry a limited stock of some legacy controllers and modules. It is always worth asking us. If we don't have the required part we will be happy to advise you on the simplest and most cost-effective solution to your problem.

Upgrading to the latest SAIA product is often the best long-term solution for systems using redundant parts that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. We can guide you through the complexities of upgrading hardware and software to make the transition as smooth and the interruption to your operation as small as possible.

Reverse engineering

Many older control systems use unsupported and often undocumented software. This could mean that upgrading the hardware to a modern controller requires expensive and time-consuming reprogramming from scratch.

We provide a service to reverse engineer undocumented software and re-write it for new control systems. Reverse engineering can save many hours of programming and lost production by simplifying the process of upgrading.

Simulation saves time and money

Every hour a piece of plant is out of action costs money. Installing and commissioning a new control system and performing all the neccessary operational and safety checks may take several days.

At MACOL we have developed a system to accurately model the functions of practically any industrial process, allowing us to simulate the real plant in our workshop. Using the simulator vastly reduces the downtime required for installation and commissioning and also allows the customer to see the new system in operation prior to installation.



Factory Monitoring

Our Machine Information Gathering System (MIGS) provides affordable, scaleable factory and process monitoring. The MIGS system is designed to provide real-time monitoring of almost any cyclic manufacturing process. It is purpose-designed to suit small to medium sized production units from 8 to 32 machines within a single system. The scaleablility of MIGS is an obvious advantage to smaller businesses that can add additional machines as they grow without incurring major re-investment costs. MIGS is supplied complete with software and hardware necessary to implement your factory production monitoring system. MIGS provides data capture based on 5 or 7 day working with up to 4 Shift Changes per day.