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PCA2 Series controllers

PCA2 programmable controller

Although now obsolete some spares and replacement processors and components are still available either directly from MACOL or from another source that we may be able to help you locate.

For customers wishing to update to a modern controller we are able to reverse engineer undocumented software and re-write it for the replacement system. This is often the most cost-effective solution offering like-for-like functionality with minimum downtime.

The manual for the PCA2 series is available for download as a PDF file here.

PCA2 System hardware

The PCA2 system comprises a 19" rack containing the power supply, CPU and eight sockets for optional arrangements of input and output modules and the communications module. A second slide-in housing can be connected via a bus extension cable.

Microprocessor: 8085-2

Average cycle time per instruction: 70µS

Instruction level set 1H: 32 basic instructions plus 20 additional including arithmetic

Number of parallel programs: 16 any number of sub-routines nested down through 3 levels

Number of index registers: 16 (one per program, capacity of 255)

Number of subroutine levels: 3

Inputs and outputs: 256 or 512 (with extension housing 256 in, 256 out)